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Frequently Asked Questions

Why canít I go to the next page?

Due to state regulations, on-line traffic schools require that students spend a minimum amount of time on each page. You should take this time to go back over all the information on the page and then you may continue forward.

Also, if the page you are on has questions, all questions must be answered before you can go to the next page.

Iíve completed the class.  What do I do?

Congratulations!  Now you must print, sign and date 2 copies of your Certificate of Completion.

Send one copy to the court and one copy to the address at the bottom of your certificate.

We use that copy as proof that you finished the class. We notify the courts that you have successfully completed the course the business day after you finish the class.

When can the class be taken?

Both the online and correspondence courses can be taken when it is convenient for you, anytime day or night.  For our Classroom courses please contact us for our schedule.

I failed the final exam, what do I do now?

Nevada regulations require you to wait for 4 hours after taking traffic school course and 1 hour after taking DUI courses to take the test again. Please spend this time going over the course materials.


You can take the test as many times as necessary to pass.


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